Sunday, April 17, 2005

Moby: I Like It

I just read in Moby's Journal that his new album Hotel is doing extraordinary well in Europe. I'm happy about that: I have a lot of respect for the way Moby lives and truely appreciate his music.

However, I did not expect this album to be a best-seller. When I first listened to Hotel, I was quite surprised: Moby is singing on most of the tracks. I think he has a wonderful voice for the kind of music he makes nowadays, but a lot of people (well, at least according to the opinions at Amazonon) seem to dislike his vocal contribution to the songs. I cannot disagree with them if they claim that his voice isn't really beautiful. However, it's loaded with emotion, love, and sometimes compassion, which makes his current work stand out.

My favourite track? Well, it depends on my mood, but usually it is Dream about me. Yes, I'm a sensitive fool ;) . Where you end is a great song as well. If you like Hotel, you might also like some previous tracks that feature Moby singing. My favourites are New Dawn Fades (from the album I Like to Score, or even better: Live on the Play DVD) and Stay and Afterlife from the album 18 B-sides.

I can almost hear you think: "WTF? A non-technical post?". Yes, I'm sorry ;) . If you don't understand the dual meaning of the title of this post, then go and buy the album :P .

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