Meta Blog: How Do I Look?

Last week I changed the look of my homepage (which is a Wiki) to a style derived from Blogger's Rounders 3 template, which was designed by Douglas Bowman. Of course, I wanted to change the look of my blog as well; what you see now is the result of this. I hope you like it. As you can see, I'm fond of the combination of shades of blue and gray ;) .

The sources of my blog template are available from my Subversion repository. The sources of the Wiki skin for my homepage are there as well. Feel free to use it.


Anonymous said...

This looks awfully familiar to octave-compiler.org ;-)

Martin said...

Wauw, the users are already there before I blog about the template. I've found another website that uses this skin! ;)

Zef Hemel said...

Very nice and clean.

Anonymous said...

It provides al needed functionality quickly and simple, so there is nothing wrong with the layout.

One thing, mozilla renders it in css1compat-mode, but it does not validate completely to xhtml 1.0.
It looks like there are two <p> tags following each other :
<div class="post-body">
It looks like <$BlogItemBody$> already dumps its tekst in <p> tags.

Naproxen-LYV said...

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