Research and Blogging

Yesterday Karl Trygve Kalleberg returned from his trip to the LASER Summer School on Software Engineering (Elba!) and Norway. Having Karl in Utrecht is really great. He is (over?)loaded with fresh ideas for improving our software and he's always ready for a good discussion.

Yesterday, he convinced me to start blogging. That wasn't too difficult, since I love weblogs. It's truly amazing how many bright people are communicating their ideas and thoughts in their weblogs. This is not limited to the famous guys in the computer industry and blogging scene (such as Patrick Logan, John Lam and Sean McGrath). Less well-known bloggers write very interesting and well-phrased stuff as well. For example, Zef Hemel (a student at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands) maintains a very good weblog. Almost every day he adds an interesting story, straight from his mind. Isn't that great?

This network of bloggers is incredibly powerful. You are no longer thinking for yourself: the blogging scene is a hive mind that spreads knowledge at a faster pace than ever before (at least for software development). I'm a PhD student specialized in software technology, so I'm part of what you might call the research community. What surprises (and maybe disappoints) me is the limited the number of researchers that are blogging. If blogging is such an excellent medium for spreading knowledge, then why aren't we part of it?

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