Software Engineering Lectures

Today, I gave a lecture on the concept and techniques of component-based software engineering as part of our software engineering course. The lecture is divided in two parts: concepts of component software and the implementation of these concepts in current platforms (Java and .NET). I hope the students liked the lecture; at least I had a lot of fun myself ;). Preparing a lecture from scratch (which was the case) takes a lot of time, but it usually provides some fresh ideas for stuff that we could do for our 'real work'.

For lectures like these, you get to read material that you wouldn't consider if you would only focus on academic stuff (Essential .NET and Component Development for the Java Platform are great books!). About two weeks ago, I gave a lecture on testing tools and techniques. The preparation for this lecture (and today's one as well) provided me with some more insight in the use of reflection for meta-programming. Concerning testing, it's particularly interesting to see how people work around the poor support for implementing tests in current programming languages. In particular, mock objects (EasyMock is impressive) and dynamic proxies were useful to learn more about.

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